Measurement Eliminates Arguement…

November 14, 2008 · Print This Article

I am?checking in today because simply getting organized doesn’t assure long-term success in school. The results must be monitored until they become a habit, and this may take weeks,?months or even years.? As a parent once said to me, “It took nearly two years to break my son of?his bad habits, but sticking with your program was the best thing we ever did!”?

How many times have you started something new?but then didn’t follow through with it?? We all have done this from time to time, it happens to everyone.??Children are the same way, that’s why we, as parents, teachers, tutors, need to provide the motivation, structure?and encouragement they probably haven’t learned to give themselves yet.?Change can be?very?scary and it is invaluable to have a support system. That’s where you come in!

The Measure and Celebrate form I’ve created in my “Organizing Skills For Students” program helps provide a structure in which students can get the guidance and monitoring they need to ensure long term success in school and in life.? For example, if your child has recently re-organized their notebook(s) or locker, we need to consistently help them stay on top of it.? As with any new technique, they will make mistakes and they will have to make changes as they learn and grow in this world. Using a detailed form to measure their progress is the key to success, because it provides a concrete set of measurable goals.? Here are some the things you should monitor:

*?Has your child put forth “genuine”?effort on a consistent basis to stay organized?
*?Is their notebook?neat and organized? (all papers must in good order, organized and?labeled ANDin good shape)
*?Is their locker or desk?organized? (everything must be in good order)
*?Does your child have agenda or notebook for recording assignments?
*?Does your child fill in the agenda or notebook?EVERY DAY for EVERY class? (there are no blank spaces)
*?Does your child bring home agenda or notebook EVERY day for your inspection??

Parents – YOU are the final judge,?not your children.? Be fair. And be honest.? If they do meet the requirements, absolutely celebrate!? If they don’t, tell them what they need to improve on? then continue to monitor their progress.

Your School Coach,
Scott Straub

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