The Past Does NOT Have To Equal the Future!

November 28, 2008 · Print This Article

After recently obtaining a teaching position at a college near my home in Boise, Idaho, I was reminded how hard the journey has been to get this point in my life.? The?Master’s degree I earned?has opened doors for me?that I couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago.? ?If you are not familiar with my story, I struggled a great deal in grade school, high school, and my first few years of college.? It wasn’t?until a fateful meeting with a college counselor that my world turned around.? You can read?more about my story at

Long story?made short, it was a few changes?in my habits and skills which?turned everything around.? I?was very?disorganized, I?didn’t know how to take?decent?notes, and I couldn’t remember large amounts?of information very well – basically everything a good students needs to do.? I thought that I was a lost cause, destined to?work in construction because I had?no other options.? Of course there?is nothing wrong?with construction, but in my heart I wanted to become a teacher, a scientist, and be in position to help others achieve their dreams.? ?

Even though I had low self esteem, somewhere deep down I believed I could achieve my dreams, and I did plus much more.? No matter where you?or your child are?right now,?you don’t have to continue down the same path.? Just because?you may have failed?yesterday and the day before that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t suceed today or tomorrow.??

You must believe that you can become who you want to become, even?if others around you don’t share this optimism.? With technique and desire anyone can improve their life, and the lives of the people around them.??Belief that life can be the way you want, then take action every single day towards your goals.? Even if they are?small actions, you must take consistent action.? No one is going to hand you your dreams, but you get absolutely improve your situation if you desire to do so.??

The past does NOT have to equal the future.?? I heard this statement from Tony Robbins and think about it almost every day.?

Action item for today – create a “dream board.”? What is a dream board?? It is a collection of pictures of things you really want in your life.? It’s not just the things you think you can acheive (often times we limit our dreams because we are afraid to fail), it’s the things in life that you dream about.? Pretend like you can not fail, what would have in your life?? Who would you have in your life?? What type of person would you be?? Would you get straight A’s in school?? Have lots of great friends?? Have a million dollars?? Snowboard in Utah every winter??

If you are afraid to display your dream board?so others can see,?put it inside a?notebook.? I personally have my dream board above my computer screen.? There is a picture of a very large log cabin on?a ski mountain, a picture of?friends, pictures of people snowboarding and mountain biking in incredible areas, photos of large stacks of money, a photo of me helping lots of people, and some statements that inspire me.? There is even a picture of the view of the city from the building lot I dream of buying.??Think about this:? virtually everything you have in life right now was once just a thought in your mind.? It was something inside your mind that you later created.? Remember, the past does NOT have to equal the future.

Your School Coach,


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