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Whether you are young or old, in school or out, Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots are everywhere!? Below is a list of common numerical values that every student, and?every person, should know.? As you read this list, think about all of the words that have these Latin prefixes in them.? Knowing just?a few Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots?can help any student decipher 100′s of words, even if they have never seen the word?before.?? In my house we make quiz cards and practice them in the evening, it’d fun and educational.

half – demi, semi, hemi

one – mono, uni

one and half – sesqui

two – bi, di

three – tri

four – tetra, quadri

five – quinque, pent, penta

six – hex

seven – hepta, sept, septi

eight – octa, octi

nine – noni

ten – deca

hundred – hecto

thousand – kilo

million – mega

billion – giga

trillion – tera

quadrillion (ten to the 15th power) – peta

quint (ten to the 18th power) – exa

one tenth – deci

one hundredth – centi

one thousandth – milli

one millionth – micro

one billionth – nano

one trillionth – pico

Your School Coach,

Scott Straub

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