About Scott Straub

?Scott Straub is widely acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the educational world for teaching students of all ages how to quickly and easily improve their grades. Celebrated by students all around the United States and the world, this former failing student went on to become a geologist, and teacher at every level of education from elementary school through college. Scott has a Masters Degree in Education and currently teaches at the College of Western Idaho. More importantly, he is the author and creator of some of the most powerful and innovative products and programs available to help students dramatically improve their grades and their lives!

“School has always been a challenge for me. I was one of the worst students in my class! My downward spiral started in elementary school. My tests showed I had potential but it was never reflected on my report card. My grades continued to slide and by my senior year of high school I had failed so many classes that graduation was doubtful. I managed to graduate (barely), but then was left with only one choice, the local community college, since they legally had to accept everyone with a high school diploma no matter how poorly they did in high school.

It wasn?t until my sophomore year of college that I learned some valuable strategies which dramatically improved my ability to think and study. In addition, my sister Barbara, who saw that I was struggling, began working with me to get me more organized. I was a disorganized mess and had no idea how to change it. Worse than that though, I
truly believed that I just didn’t have “IT”. I felt that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to succeed so there was probably no hope for me but decided to take this one, last chance to improve. The strategies that I learned during this time turned my life around completely.

Many years later, as a teacher, I watched so many children struggle, and they were students just like me. I was amazed that the best advice they received was to work harder, which, of course, isn?t very effective if you don?t have the tools and strategies to succeed. I started by teaching a few of these struggling students the techniques which got me through school and allowed me to become the successful, happy person I am today. I created several programs, like my organization study program, which became a full-blown, year long course.

I?ve now dedicated my life to creating programs which help students, young and old, who struggle with school and with life. I know what it is like to fail over and
over again, to feel stupid, be made fun of, and to feel like everyone else is better and smarter than you are. Helping children become great students and great people is what I was put on this Earth to do.

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